Nomads Revisited EP

by Samuel Lockridge

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Three old favorites from "Nomads, Pilgrims" (2010), tweaked, re-recorded, and given new life.


released December 21, 2014

All songs written and performed by Samuel Lockridge.
Recorded by Zachary Dyke.
Mixed and mastered by Trevor Richardson.
Nashville, TN, 2014




Samuel Lockridge Kentucky

Kentucky folk singer, Samuel Lockridge caresses his strings and lets fly his haunting voice to craft earthy soundscapes that are all at once gentle and powerful. His weeping melodies and soul-churning lyrics encompass the natural beauty of his native Appalachia and invite the listener into a meditative stillness. ... more

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Track Name: A Good Man Suffers
If you asked me to come with you to a strange new place,
I would go in a heartbeat.
Just get me out of this concrete excuse for a life I am in.
This has got to be a sin.
You must make a friend of suffering.

But isn’t it more in keeping with glorying in suffering
If I stay in this cage,
‘Cause I’m in more pain than I’d ever be in
Out there in the wild.
Yeah, I’m in more pain than I’d ever be in
Out there in the wild.

So let yourself off at the next stop.
Being on top wasn’t as great as you thought.
Knock on my door, love, I’ll let you in.
You know, you’ve got to forgive to be forgiven.
And as fire rains down from the sky
You’re in a cemetery praying, but you don’t know why,
And you say you’ve had all you can stand.
You know, it’s hard to be a good man.
You know, it’s hard to be a good man.
Track Name: Tell Me Where It Hurts
A broken branch, pots and pans,
My sword and my armor.
Racing in the grass, moving as fast
As my little legs would carry me.
Sliding to a stop, the summer grass
Was wetter than I thought.
A lawnmower blade pierced my armor.
The blood I bleed is real.

But I wouldn’t trade the scar for the world.
The tears were more from fear than hurt.
Make-believe doesn’t bleed,
But it appears I can’t say the same for me.

Show me your scars, naked skin.
Healing starts within.

Praying at the foot of my bed
For some whisper in my head
To tell me it’ll be okay.
I don’t need a burning bush
Or forty days of rain,
Just tell me not to be afraid.
Because the only one scaring me is me,
And the only one stopping me is me.

‘Cause I’m a lost boy fallen from my pram,
Fleeing to a land I don’t yet understand.
Flying, soaring on the wings, the wings of a dream
I may have never had.
I miss my mother’s voice.
You know, I’m only a boy.
I miss my mother’s voice.
But you know, I’m no longer a boy.

“Tell me where it hurts,
Take your pain,
Give it all to me.”
Track Name: Flannel Days
Remember when we were so young,
Our hair alive in the summer,
Our bicycles and our homeland.
We lived and died every moment.
I don’t feel any older.

Those flannel days are all I have,
Two wheels, a song, and an old map.
Who’d want to live on a thing more
Than all we have when we’re born?
A time to shout, a time to cry,
To remind me I’m alive.

Those days of old are no more,
Stolen away to the far shore.
I’m the one who did the leaving.
To hell with the voice of reason.
I miss my closest friends.

The children leap out of their beds
And run with feathers on their heads.
Listen as the woods awaken.
No more will they be forsaken.
I miss my oldest friends.
We’re coming home!

And if we keep quiet, the stones will cry out,